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Our Governors

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

On behalf of all the Governors, welcome to The Prescot School.

We play an important role in monitoring the school Development Plan, the safety, welfare and educational progress of all our students.

There is no doubt that there are challenging times ahead, but we have every confidence in the staff and school leadership.

Parent interest and support in promoting the school is invaluable and ensures TPS has a strong partnership with the local community.

Together we can all work towards school improvement and the standards that ensure our students prosper.

Mrs M Cassin
Chair of Governors
The Heath Family (NW) MAT

The LGB operates under a Scheme of Delegation determined by the Trustees of The Heath Family. To find out about who the trustees are, their roles in the Trust and details of their appointment and pecuniary interests – please click here

To read minutes of their meetings, please click here.

Our Governing Body comprises of:

Name Appointing Body
Cassin, Margaret Trust Appt’d
Murphy, Peter Trust Appt’d
Bell, Thalia Trust Appt’d
Hennessey, Paul Trust Appt’d
Vacancy Trust Appt’d
Ruth, Jenna Staff
Coleman, Lesleyann Staff
Frith, Andrew Parent
Wignall, Lee Parent

Historical members:

  • Tim Fields, Parent, Term of Office 03.10.18 – 23.09.20
  • Denise Allen, Trust Appointed, Term of Office 20.09.18 – 04.02.21
  • Duvall, Karl, Trust Appointed, Term of Office 20.09.18 – 31.08.21
  • Swanwick, Roy, Parent, 04.03.19 -31.08.21
  • Bates, Karen, Staff, 16.12.19 – 31.08.21
  • Madden, Andrew, Staff, 14.11.18 – 02.12.21
  • McGunigle, Laura. Trust Appointed, Term of Office 03.02.19 – 12.05.22

Correspondence with The Prescot School’s governing body can be made c/o Karen Brackley, Clerk to Governors:

Information about being a school governor can also be seen on the website of the National Governors Association.