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Access to Learning

Access to Learning

School operates a system of Learning Plans to support our pupils access to learning. Learning Plans have four sections:

Section 1: What do school need to do?

This section outlines strategies to support access to learning across all lessons. Any recommendations from external assessments will be added to their plans in additional to strategies shared by teaching staff, pupils and parents. These sections are regularly updated in line with whole school CPD.

Section 2: How can I help myself?

In this section pupils will be directed to support available in school, whole school strategies and elements of any external assessment to support their own access to learning.

Section 3: Something I would like you to know?

As part of the Learning Plan review process, your child has had a one-to-one conversation with a member of staff. They have shared the things they would like staff to know about how they learn and discussed strategies on how to help themselves to learn.

Section 4: Parent/Guardian voice.

You will receive a personalised email to ask you to complete section 4. As part of this process, you will be able to review the full plan and read what your child has shared with school about how they learn. To further support your child in lessons, we would like you to contribute to section 4 with strategies you use at home that may be important or of benefit for staff in school to be aware of. You are then able to add your own comments to the plan. If your child has a learning plan from a previous year, you will be sent a renewal letter in September. If your child has a new learning plan, you will be sent a letter when a learning plan is created. Each time an update to the plan is made you will receive an alert.

Access to the SEND team to review Learning Plans is available at every parent’s evening event. Parent drop-in sessions are offered the first Thursday of every new half term between 4-5pm. Personal appointments can be made by contacting Mrs Earps on half term between 4-5pm. Personal appointments can be made by contacting Mrs Earps on